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subject: Urban development is only visible in the contrast of old and new - therefore a high status has been given to old as well as new buildings within the city. The further existence of old and characteristic buildings has to be included in a plan, but this has to be done with caution, not to support an out-dated picture of the harbour.



The question is how to develop in an authentic way. It has to be taken into consideration, that many older harbour-installations, as far as they still are economical and technical reasonable, still are valid in the new role of the harbour. If the original harbourfunction can exist side by side with new-developed, and especially if the new harbour can draw a benefit from the original harbourfunction, it is as important for the harbours environment as the original, historical buildings.

Through this mix of old and new, whether function or building, a coexistence and authentic harbour environment is achievable.


context Flensburg: The city of Flensburg is in many ways separated by a border into a west- and eastside, because a one-sided development has supported the westside stronger. Therefore a main theme in the development of the eastern harbour has been, not to compete with the westsides qualities, as shopping, culture, theater, backyards, etc.

border through Flensburg

eastern harbour: The site in the eastern harbour has to develop its own qualities and build on this sides potential, to give the westside a contrast. Qualities that reshape the site into an attractive and independent area of the city and into a section in the course of the harbour escalade.

qualities eastside Flensburg

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