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coexistence plan Flensburg

The structure of functions is based on the 3 environments and the ideal adaptation to the qualities of the area - the evening sun, the views, etc. The bands width, and by that the depth of the buildings, are defined by the functions requirements. As well as by outdoor areas and streets, to secure the area an accessibility.

coexistence bands of function


This planning structure makes a development without conflicts possible, because every function has its own, clearly marked off space. The trading harbour can exist during and after a development of the site.

To work in the qualities of the site is achieved like this:

2 different harbour environments: are emphasized by the different buildingmasses and the functions. The reshaping of the water edge by using different heights brings out a difference between the outer and the inner harbour.

views: are worked in by situating a wide escalade for the public at the edge to the outer harbour and the first line of buildings away from the water edge.

evening sun: escalades and public functions are situated an the sunny side, while less public functions like boathalls are on the shadow side.

buildings: the original buildings, which hold on the identity of the harbour, are kept as skyline towards the city.

landscape: is kept in the panorama, because the green park is visible between the buildings.

coexistence: is achieved, by uniting and completing the harbours environments, not only in relation to the city but also within the site. The project shows a development, in which not only existing buildings but also existing functions can be worked in.

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